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Wins Town Anti-Aging Dietary Supplement 60 Tablets

Wins Town Anti-Aging Dietary Supplement 60 Tablets

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Recommended for People who need genetic repair as they age • People who need a boost of energy • People who are concerned about 24 hours DNA repair Nmn duo release tablets is an upgraded version of our NMN cupsules that has been re-innovated in the latest Cutting-edge Technology which makes it more effective. Health benefits of NMN Duo Release tablets: • Deals with age related diseases • Anti-aging (good for middle, elderly & aged pple) • Activates the longevity factor • Repairs DNA • Rejuvenates skin • Promotes healthy blood vessels • Promotes brain and heart health • Improves insulin sensitivity • Good for eye health • Good for cardiovascular diseases • Good for alzheimer’s patients • Good for people with insomnia • Good for osteoporosis etc. Please note packaging may change due to manufacturer update. FINE COSMETICS we're proud and committed to offering cosmetics that are of the highest quality. Make your order & it will be delivered. Call or WhatsApp the number above this post.

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