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Quran Reading Pen

Quran Reading Pen

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Quran Read Pen

Package Contents:

- Medium-sized high-quality Paper Quran book, with colour-coded tajweed rules for easier learning.

- Talking pen that operates on batteries charged via direct main power source or computer.

- Charger, headset and computer cable.

- Touch-operating Sahih Muslim and Riyadh as-Saaliheen books, adapted according to chapters' and sections' order.

- Touch-operating Sahih al-Bukhari book, adapted according to chapters' and sections' order.

- Dictionary [from Arabic to 12 different languages]

- Touch-operating Qaida Noorania book.

*all of the above comes in one carton package.


The pen operates once it touches the paper to produce a clear sound of entire Surah, Aya or word (according to your choice), in 12 different reciters' voices available –among which are Abdul-Basit, Mahir Al-Mo'eqali, Al-Menshawi educative recitation for children, Mashari, Hussary, Muhammad-Ayoub, Abdullah Basfar, and many others.

The pen also supports recitation, memorizing, Tafsir, tajweed rules, Qira'at (warsh, Qalun, Al-Susi, al-Duri, Shu‘bah), applications to test your tajweed of the page, reasons of revelations, Hadith related to the verse when applicable, audio translations in 12 languages(include English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu, Farsi, and Russian), Tafsir(al-Jalalayn ), ʾIʿrab of most words and sentences, Ruqya Shar'ia, Azkar of Quran and Sunnah, Holy Names of Allah, meaning of most Quran vocabulary, and many other touch-operating applications.

You can also record your own recitation and compare it to other recites, or use it as a normal recorder (e.g. for lectures) using its built-in or built-out memory.

The pen produces a clear strong sound that reaches up to 100 watts.
The 8 GB built-in memory card is the largest found in Quran Talking Pen products around the world.

There is also a Slot for external memory cards.

You can control the volume level and reciting speed as you see fitting for your enjoyment of learning. You may stop and go back later to resume from where you left.

The pen can operates -when fully charged- for 10 continuous hours, that's 10 days if you are using it for one hour per day

You will not find all these features put together in any other Quran Talking Pen product.

The product is certified by Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai(a print image of the certification is attached at the end of each page), which guarantees the validity of the Quran copy, unlike many uncertified copies of Quran.
The Quran talking pen is the optimum solution for those who want to learn correct recitation(including meanings, tajweed, words and tashkil) and memorizing of Quran.

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