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Liascy™ Hair MaxGrowth Foam

Liascy™ Hair MaxGrowth Foam

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Recommended by doctors, scientists and stylists!

Liascy™ Hair MaxGrowth Foam

“I am incredibly impressed with the results. My hair was thinning and lacked volume, but this foam has worked wonders. It’s so easy to apply, my hair feels thicker, fuller, and healthier.  This foam has become an essential part of my hair care routine, and I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with hair thinning or loss!”

Will Jackson,37
Los Angeles, United States

” I had tried numerous hair growth products in the past with disappointing results… The foam formula is lightweight and non-greasy, making it a breeze to apply. Within just a few weeks of consistent use, I noticed a significant reduction in hair shedding and increased thickness in my hair strands.  I appreciate the science-backed approach and the careful selection of ingredients. Thank you Liascy™.”

Mark Jones,48
New York,  United States

This is how Liascy™ Hair MaxGrowth Foam is unique.

Liascy™ HairMaxGrowth Foam, the ultimate hair growth solution for men. This specially formulated shampoo foam is the result of 18 months of meticulous research and testing, with over 30 formulations perfected to bring you the best results. It is powered by the dynamic combination of Biotin and minoxidil, two clinically proven ingredients known for their ability to promote hair growth and combat hair loss.

Liascy™ Hair MaxGrowth Foam

The science behind how our treatments work

The synergistic action of 5% Minoxidil, Biotin, and caffeine helps address multiple factors involved in hair loss and thinning. It promotes blood circulation to the hair follicles, delivers essential nutrients for hair growth, blocks the effects of DHT, and nourishes the hair strands.

Liascy™ Hair MaxGrowth Foam
Minoxidil is an FDA-approved medication that is commonly used to promote hair growth. The 5% concentration of minoxidil is considered the most effective strength for hair growth. It provides a higher level of the active ingredient, allowing for enhanced absorption and better results. It can help revitalize dormant hair follicles, leading to increased hair density, improved thickness, and a reduction in hair loss.

We find biotin to be very helpful for hair disorders,” says dermatologist Michael Bergfeld, MD. Biotin plays a crucial role in supporting hair growth and maintaining healthy hair. It helps in the production of keratin, a protein that is a key component of hair structure. Biotin promotes the growth of hair follicles and strengthens the hair shaft, which can lead to thicker and fuller hair.


Caffeine is ability to block dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone associated with hair loss. DHT can bind to hair follicles and cause them to shrink, resulting in thinner and weaker hair over time. By inhibiting the activity of DHT, caffeine helps prevent this shrinkage and miniaturization of hair follicles, thereby preserving hair thickness and reducing the risk of hair loss.

Liascy™ Hair MaxGrowth Foam

Liascy™ Hair MaxGrowth Foam

What makes Liascy™ Hair MaxGrowth Foam Special?

  • Powerful formula specifically designed for density improvement.
  • Easy-to-use application
  • Targeted application directly to the scalp
  • Helps reduce hair shedding and breakage.
  • Enhances hair volume, thickness, and overall health.
  • Suitable for various hair types and concerns.
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