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Cleanic™ Anti Mite Cleansing Pods

Cleanic™ Anti Mite Cleansing Pods

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Cleanic™ Anti Mite Cleansing Pods

Do Your Laundry With Just A Pod.

Balance the amount of detergent, bleach and fabric conditioner when you do your laundry with the Powerful Laundry Pods.

The Powerful Laundry Pods is an all-in-one aid for your laundry needs. It helps eliminating mites which is one of the cause stimulating allergy on your skin. With its powerful cleansing formula, your clothes are not just cleaner but also brighter as it also preserves the fabric colors unlike with ordinary detergents.You are guaranteed that it will not cause any rash or allergies to anyone in the family.


  • Mite Eliminator:
    Kills mites on clothes which stimulates allergy on your skin.

  • Powerful Cleansing Formula:
    Removes all stains for a cleaner, brighter clothes.

  • All-in-One:
    Detergent, bleach and fabric conditioner in one.

  • Neutral PH:
    Ingredients used are safe for the whole family, will not irritate younger members of the family or those with sensitive skin.
  • Color Protection:
    It has color protection effect so the clothe’s color doesn’t fade.
  • Easily Dissolves:
    Dissolves easily in all water temperature, hot or cold, no residue after washing.
  • Delightful Scent:
    With alluring lavender scent to give you the perfect smell on clothes.


  • Put the pod inside the washing machine.
  • Load laundry.
  • Start the machine and wait to finish.


  • Color: Random
  • Weight: 540g
  • Capacity: 20 pods


  • 1x Cleanic™ Anti Mite Cleansing Pods (20 pods)

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