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Bounzie™ Curl Booster

Bounzie™ Curl Booster

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Bounzie™ Curl Booster

Bounce Up Your Perfect Curls!

Getting flattened curls but have no clues to deal with them? Try out our Bounzie™ Curl Booster!

Bounzie™ Curl Booster is the best buddy to recoil the curls while volumizing them. Just squeeze adequate amount, apply it on your curly hair and styling in your wishing looks! Rich in organic acids to deeply moisturize and repair your damaged hair. Now you can rock your hair style without heating or going to salon!


  • Recoil Curls:
    Perfectly recoil your flattened curls and make them bright again.

  • Instant Volumizing:
    Lifts hair root and create naturally volumized hair.

  • Deeply Moisturizing & Repair:
    Rich in organic acids to deeply moisturize and repair your damaged hair.
  • Perfect After Treatment:
    Get flattened curls after having treatment? We help to maintain the gorgeousness with just spraying.
  • Easy & Convenient:
    Just squeeze and apply on your lovely curls, wait to let the magic happens!

  • Non Greasy & Non Sticky Formula:
    Styling without sticky feeling, holds it that way until your next shampoo!
  • Wavy Without Damage:
    Formulated with an exclusive Smart Technology Complex, builds weightless shape and definition with long lasting shape memory while infusing hair!

  • More Than 16hrs Powerful Fixer:
    Hold for a day long and you can be care-free to go to beach with it!
  • Suitable For All Hair Types:
    No matter you are oily or dry hair, it can easily form a shield on the follicles of your hair!


  • Ingredients: Organic Acids, Propylene Glycol, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Steareth-2 Prosphate, Polydimethylsiloxane
  • Weight: 80mL


  • 1x Bounzie™ Curl Booster

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