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AEXZR™ Height Stimulating Foot Patch

AEXZR™ Height Stimulating Foot Patch

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You can experience remarkable results with AEXZR™ without breaking the bank! Why not give it a try and unlock your growth potential.

AEXZR™ Height Stimulating Foot Patch

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Joshua Martinez, 13, USA

“As a teenager nearing my growing age, I tried various methods to increase my height, but nothing worked. AEXZR™ was a reassuring discovery for me. In just two months, I gained 2“, and my family is thrilled for me. I’ll continue using it to achieve my ideal height for basketball!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sarah Thompson, 23, USA

“I’ve been called a ‘dwarf’ since childhood, which deeply affected my confidence. Discovering AEXZR™ was a turning point in my life. Using it for three months, I grew 2.5” taller, and it transformed me completely. I’ll continue using AEXZR™, thankful for the difference it made!”

Why we Created AEXZR™ Height Stimulating Foot Patch

AEXZR™ Height Stimulating Foot Patch

 As the “growth plate” gradually closes with age, it reaches the fixed height of an adult. Even if you try harder, the degree of growth is limited. For teenagers, the effective way to grow taller is medicine or surgery, but it increases many health risks and with side effects. Also the treatment is expensive and time-consuming.
For adults, once the growth plates in the bones have fused, it is no longer possible to increase height through natural bone growth. That’s why we created AEXZR™! 

😒Difficulty with activities of daily living-Such as reaching high objects, driving, and participating in certain sports.
😒Social difficulties-Feel unconfident and uncomfortable, and even experience discrimination and ridicule.
😒Physical health problems-Such as cardiovascular disease, joint disease, heart disease, respiratory problems, etc.
😒Psychological problems-Including low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, social impairment.
😒Lack of opportunity-Being rejected by certain jobs, even the one you like.

What Makes us Better

AEXZR™ Height Stimulating Foot Patch

✔Delayed bone closure – By stimulating the pituitary gland to secrete auxin, open the bone line of human joints, delay the time of bone closure, stretch 2-6“
✔Regulate body and mind – Soothing body and mind, warming and nourishing, soothing feet, balancing and conditioning.
✔Strengthen bone – Make bones stronger and more powerful, and the calcium in bones is not easily lost.
✔Stimulate acupuncture points – Stimulate the corresponding acupuncture points for growth, it can dredge the meridians and circulate qi and blood.
✔Promote sleep, enhance Immunity – Helps those have difficulty in sleep and improve body condition.

How to Use

AEXZR™ Height Stimulating Foot Patch

  • Clean your feet.
  • Remove the release paper.
  • Attach the patches to the recess of the sole.
  • Wear them overnight for 8-12 hours.
  • Remove and clean the feet.
  • Use 2 patches each day, only when sleeping at night.
  • A full course of treatment lasts two months.
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