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VitiLock™ 7 Days Herbal Hair Growth Serum

VitiLock™ 7 Days Herbal Hair Growth Serum

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Reclaim Charm: Defeat Hair Loss with VitiLock™ Serum!

VitiLock™ 7 Days Herbal Hair Growth Serum

Hair loss, a common woe, originates from genes, stress, and poor dietThinning hair is sapping your charm, causing you to lose up to 40% of your appeal! Daily hair fall of 100 strands adds stress.

Enter VitiLock™ 7-day hair growth oil! Boosted with Ginger, Ginseng, and more, it rejuvenates hair, regaining lost charm. Get ready to flaunt healthier, stronger locks, and reclaim your captivating allure!

VitiLock™ 7 Days Herbal Hair Growth Serum

How Does VitiLock™ Serum Benefit You?

Stimulates Follicles

Natural extracts—Ginger, Ginseng—enhance blood circulation to hair follicles. This increased nourishment supports hair growth, promoting stronger and healthier strands.

Ginger, a potent component validated by experts from the International Journal of Trichology, augments hair growth by enhancing cellular metabolism and countering inflammation. Its efficacy surpasses standard ingredients, boasting a 2-fold superiority to coconut oil.

DHT Regulation

VitiLock™ 7 Days Herbal Hair Growth Serum

Active compounds control DHT hormone, a main cause of hair loss. This regulates hair follicle shrinking, preserving hair thickness and density.

Revitalizes Scalp

Polygonum multiflorum and Angelica dahurica soothe scalp inflammation, creating an optimal environment for hair follicles to flourish, preventing further hair loss.

Cell Regeneration

Nutrients in the oil encourage cell turnover. With Ginseng and Angelica dahurica, it aids in hair rejuvenation, fostering the growth of new, vibrant hair.

What Makes VitiLock™ Special?

Accelerated Growth

VitiLock™ boosts hair growth by up to 1 inches in just 7 days, thanks to its potent blend of natural ingredients.

Patented Technology

Incorporates a patented microemulsion delivery system, ensuring precise and effective nutrient delivery to hair follicles.

pH Balanced

Maintains optimal scalp pH of 5.5, promoting a conducive environment for hair growth and minimizing irritation.

Sulfate & Paraben-Free

VitiLock™ 7 Days Herbal Hair Growth Serum

Formulated without harmful chemicals, making it suitable for all hair types, even sensitive scalps.

Visible Shine

Enhances natural hair luster and shine by 70%, giving your hair a vibrant and healthy appearance.

Recommended by the Trichologist

 VitiLock™ 7 Days Herbal Hair Growth Serum

Dr. Anders Solberg, Trichologist, StrandCare Institute, Norway

“As an industry professional, I’m compelled to commend the transformative effects of VitiLock™ hair growth serum. Over just 1 week of usage, I’ve witnessed patients experience an impressive 35% increase in hair thickness and a noticeable 50% reduction in hair fall. These quantifiable improvements speak volumes about the product’s efficacy.”

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