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Oveallgo™ NailFungal CleaningLaser TherapeuticDevice

Oveallgo™ NailFungal CleaningLaser TherapeuticDevice

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What is toenail disease?

With toenail fungus, your nail becomes thick and yellow and may show white spots and streaks. A type of mold called a dermatophyte causes tinea unguium, the most common nail fungus. Tinea unguium most frequently targets your toenails, but it can also affect your fingernails.

Oveallgo™ NailFungal CleaningLaser TherapeuticDevice

Common causes of nail problems include injury, infection and skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Some conditions need professional treatment from a doctor or a dermatologist. People with diabetes or compromised immune systems have a higher risk of fungal nail infections.

Oveallgo™ NailFungal CleaningLaser TherapeuticDevice

How does the Ricpind NailFungal CleaningLaser TherapeuticDevice work?

The Ricpind NailFungal CleaningLaser TherapeuticDevice is the first high-efficiency nail fungus blue light therapy device to combine blue light therapy and infrared cold laser therapy. It is designed to effectively eliminate fungus, reduce inflammation, and prevent infection by improving blood circulation. This will relieve nail pain, swelling or pus in the nail bed, and thickening of nails.

Ricpind NailFungal CleaningLaser TherapeuticDevice

Safe UV-free LED light to accelerate the performance of the device

This Ultraviolet-Free LED light helps accelerate the performance of the Ricpind NailFungal CleaningLaser TherapeuticDevice. It has the ability to kill bacteria without causing them to be weak, while also cleaning nails while providing a relaxing effect during the treatment.

Oveallgo™ NailFungal CleaningLaser TherapeuticDevice

What is blue light therapy?

Blue light therapy is a treatment that uses blue light wavelengths to penetrate the skin and kill acne-causing bacteria by using exposure to blue light wavelengths, typically between 405-410 nanometers. Blue light therapy is most commonly used to treat sun damage and premalignant or malignant skin cancer growth. It can actually be used to prevent skin cancer and remove both precancerous skin lesions and cancerous skin lesions that haven’t spread to other areas of the body (or metastasized).

Oveallgo™ NailFungal CleaningLaser TherapeuticDevice

What is an infrared cold laser?

Cold infrared laser therapy uses light generated by infrared lasers to treat pain and promote tissue repair. The wavelengths most commonly used are 808 nm and 905 nm. In this type of treatment, an infrared laser is directed at the area of pain or injury. The light penetrates deep layers of the skin and stimulates cells in the inner tissues, promoting metabolism, increasing energy production, improving blood circulation, and eliminating inflammation and infection in healing damaged tissue.

Oveallgo™ NailFungal CleaningLaser TherapeuticDevice

Studies have shown that the revolutionary high-efficiency light therapy device for toenail disease relieves pain and easily removes ingrown nails and bacteria from the nail. The membrane that makes your toes more comfortable has been proven to be the best solution for paronychia (a painful inflammation of the proximal fold of skin at the base of a fingernail or toenail) treatment!

What makes Ricpind NailFungal CleaningLaser TherapeuticDevice for toenail disease, so special?

  • Remodel the nails and surrounding skin.
  • Hydrating and fortifying your nails
  • Effective in treating fungal infections
  • Reduce friction and shear
  • Eliminate discoloration while making your nails healthier
  • Gives nails high endurance
  • Proven formula has been strengthening nails
  • Reduces inflammation and soothes itchy skin
  • Restores overall nail health
  • Renew the appearance of nails discolored by a fungal infection
  • Lightens, smooths, & moisturizes nails

Oveallgo™ NailFungal CleaningLaser TherapeuticDevice

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