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Lemay Mineral Rich Magnetic Mask

Lemay Mineral Rich Magnetic Mask

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Why Pores Get Clogged And Cause Blackheads And Acne?

Clogged pores are the result of dead skin cells accumulating and getting trapped in your skin instead of shedding away to make way for new healthy skin. Our pores are responsible for releasing oil and sweat from your glands, which is a way for the body to cleanse itself.

If the pores get clogged, all those toxins get trapped in the skin which can cause irritation and inflammation resulting in acne and blackheads. And if not treated right away, it can cause a lot of skin problems that could damage your beautiful flawless skin. So it’s best to address them as soon as possible to maintain the condition of your skin.

The Incredible Power Of Magnetic Absorption

Lemay Mineral Rich Magnetic Mask

Through a combination of magnetizing rich minerals, our mask penetrates deep under the pores and with the help of the skin safe magnet, it can then pull out the mask along with all the skin garbage stuck in your pores. This helps unclog pores effectively, allowing your pores to function normally.

And That’s Why We Made

The Lemay Mineral Rich Magnetic Mask


By using natural minerals that are magnetic in the formulation of our mud mask, we can allow it to penetrate deep into the pores and magnetize it along with the oils, toxins, and dirt to lift them all out of the skin with the included magnet. This helps clean the pores completely and allow them to function normally and release sweat and oils from our face again to prevent acne and blackheads from forming or building up.

Lemay Mineral Rich Magnetic Mask

We also made the formula to be safe for the skin. It’s made of all natural minerals and natural ingredients such as Vitamin E and Avocado Extract, both of these help moisturize the clogged pores and deliver the nutrients it needs to recover and return to healthy functioning pores.

Vitamin E – A widely used vitamin in skincare products that help prevent moisture loss in the skin or pores. It also protects the skin from cell damage that can cause problems in the skin. It does all this while helping the skin stay soft and bright.

Avocado Extract – Avocado has numerous benefits for the skin. The most prominent properties it has is the ability to heal chapped or dry skin, and like vitamin E it also helps moisturize and protect skin so that it stays clean and healthy.

“The combination of rich magnetic minerals in a skincare mask gives the mask a magnetizing property that helps magnetize dead skin cells and toxins away from the pores with the help of a skin safe magnet. This helps unclog the pores and allow them function normally, and ridding the body and skin from harmful particles or heavy metals. I recommend the Lemay Mineral Rich Magnetic Mask to anyone suffering from acne, an overload of black heads, and any other skin problem.” – Joel Marsh, 52, Senior and Head Dermatologist, Utah

Let’s Observe Lucille’s Results With Our Mask As She Shares Her Story Here:

Lucille Mendez is a 25-year old woman from Austin, Texas and she’s been struggling with acne for a long time. She documented her progress using the Lemay Mineral Rich Magnetic Mask and was so happy with the results that she wanted to share her journey with us.

Lemay Mineral Rich Magnetic Mask

“I’ve been losing hope of resolving my acne with all the skincare that I’ve tried, but I was pleasantly surprised that this magnetic mask actually reduced my acne in just 2 weeks! While the results are not as obvious as I would like, I still made progress so I continued using it.”

“After the 4th week I was so happy to see significant progress! I’ve never had my face this clear before, it’s almost completely gone. So I continued using it for 2 more weeks and I am just so happy to say that my skin is finally clear of acne! All it took was 6 weeks to resolve the acne problem I’ve had for years. Thank you so much, this product changed my life!”

Never Worry About Skin Problems Again!

Lemay Mineral Rich Magnetic Mask

Here’s What Makes The Lemay Mineral Rich Magnetic Mask So Special:

  • Unclogs Clogged Pores
  • Magnetizes Skin Garbage And Removes Them From Pores
  • Made From Rich Magnetic Minerals
  • Allow Pores To Function Normally
  • Deeply Moisturizes Pores
  • Infused With Moisturizing Natural Ingredients
  • Helps Prevent Acne, Blackheads, And Other Skin Problems
  • Keeps Skin Flawless and Clear
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