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Higher™ Herbal Height Increasing Foot Patch

Higher™ Herbal Height Increasing Foot Patch

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Higher™ Herbal Height Increasing Foot Patch

😒Difficulty with activities of daily living-Such as reaching high objects, driving, and participating in certain sports.
😒Social difficulties-Feel unconfident and uncomfortable, and even experience discrimination and ridicule.
😒Physical health problems-Such as cardiovascular disease, joint disease, heart disease, respiratory problems, etc.
😒Psychological problems-Including low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, social impairment.
😒Lack of opportunity-Being rejected by certain jobs, even the one you like.

How foot patch helps growth

Non-surgical, non-invasive way to increase height by using special herbal ingredients that are believed to stimulate the production of human growth hormone (HGH) in the body.
Under the dual effects of herb absorption and acupoint stimulation, it can regulate the function of the spleen and stomach, dredge the meridians, circulate qi and blood, improve sleep, promote the growth of skeletal muscles, and achieve the effect of promoting growth.

What makes us better

✔Delayed bone closure – By stimulating the pituitary gland to secrete auxin, open the bone line of human joints, delay the time of bone closure, stretch 5-15 cm.
✔Regulate body and mind – Soothing body and mind, warming and nourishing, soothing feet, balancing and conditioning.
✔Strengthen bone – Make bones stronger and more powerful, and the calcium in bones is not easily lost.
✔Stimulate acupuncture points – Stimulate the corresponding acupuncture points for growth, it can dredge the meridians and circulate qi and blood.
✔Promote sleep, enhance Immunity – Helps those have difficulty in sleep and improve body condition.

 Supported by medical research

Higher™ Herbal Height Increasing Foot Patch

In recent pilot studies conducted by leading independent research laboratories, Higher™ Herbal Height Increasing Foot Patches have shown promising results. Subjects between the ages of 14 and 35 reported an average height increase of 2-6cm after consistently using the patches for two months. Moreover, the studies indicated that the patches contribute to improved sleep quality, which can expedite the effective stimulation of human growth hormone (HGH) production by the proprietary blend of natural herbs used in our patches, thereby achieving rapid height increase.

The expert recommend

Philippa Gordon, doctors in Brooklyn, NY calls people to pay attention to height. “According to the public data of users, “Higher™ is currently a proven safe and effective product. Combined with the key data of the 8-week phase III clinical trial, Higher™ has confirmed that 2pcs of the soles of the feet before going to bed every day are more effective than conventional oral medicines.The security is equivalent to calcium.” “This study shows that Higher™ has a significant curative effect. The effect of one course of treatment is generally 5-7cm, and two courses 10-15cm. ” He says.

100% herbal ingredients

Higher™ Herbal Height Increasing Foot Patch
Radix Bupleuri, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Rhizoma Cyperi, Radix et Rhizoma Notopterygii. These four ingredients are the best combination of our foot patches. First eliminate inflammation, pain and viruses in the human body, then replenish blood and regulate qi, and finally regulate immunity, so that the human body can generate huge energy to strengthen the function of bones, promote bone growth, and achieve height growth.

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