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GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap

GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap

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GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap

GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap is a multi-benefit, highly effective hair care soap that has been carefully formulated with a natural formula that not only provides all-round hair and scalp nourishment and restores shiny black hair color. It also deeply repairs hair fibers, strengthens the scales layer, repairs hair structure, eliminates hair mites, and provides hair strengthening and anti-hair loss protection.

Why do we grow gray hair?

Hair color is determined by the pigment in the hair. Hair color is responsible for a substance called melanin pigment, a black pigment produced by pigment cells in the hair follicle. As we age or are affected by oxidative stress, the functioning of the melanocytes weakens, causing them to produce less pigment, which accelerates the process of hair graying.

Scene of the Gray Hair

Clinical Validation

GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap

Dr. Sophia Montgomery, as a respected dermatologist, currently holds a faculty position at MIT. Her area of research focuses on hair. Her efforts are focused on restoring the natural color of hair through the use of soap products with natural ingredients. She is involved in a research study dedicated to the development of a soap that is rich in natural herbal ingredients GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap. This product carries a natural and harmless effect compared to ordinary hair dyes, providing a new way to protect hair.

How does GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap work?

Applying the foam of GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap to the hair, it penetrates deeply to promote the production of melanin in the hair, gradually adjusting the distribution of pigments within the hair and gradually restoring the natural hair color to gray hair. This soap helps to repair hairsoothe the scalp and eliminate hair mites. Regular use of GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap helps to restore dark, shiny hair and improve the scalp environment.

Promote the production of melanocytes

The pigment cells (melanocytes) in the hair follicles produce melanin.GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap activates the production of melanocytes primarily through scientific principles and natural ingredients. The active ingredients interact with the melanocytes, creating an environment in which they can fully develop and activate their pigmentation capacity. Hair pigment distribution gradually becomes balanced, gray hair is gradually replaced by melanin, and hair gradually regains its bright color.

Repairing the hair’s scalp structure

GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap
Scales, the protective layer on the surface of hair, are easily damaged by chemical treatments, environmental stresses, etc. Extracts of Polygonum Multiflorum and other natural ingredients in GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Original Color Soap penetrate deeply into the scales and reconstruct the structure of the hair strand. They fill in the damaged parts and smooth the hair scales, making the hair tougher and smoother.

Eliminate hair mites

GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap combines active ingredients from natural plants such as Polygonum Multiflorum, Bran Oil and Mulberry Leaf Extract to effectively fight hair mites. These tiny parasites reside in scalp follicles and sebaceous glands and feed on skin oils, which can lead to scalp inflammation, itching and hair loss problems. Through the action of these active ingredients, a protective film is formed. This film not only stifles the growth of mites, but also has antibacterial properties.

Contains 3 ingredients that restore original hair color:

GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap

Polygonum Multiflorum: Preferring high temperatures and high humidity, it grows above 1,000 meters in the Changbai Mountains of China. This natural herb is rich in antioxidants and multivitamins that help restore and prevent hair pigmentation and promote the natural restoration of hair color.

Bran Oil: Rich in linolenic acid, vitamin E and antioxidants, bran Oil helps to nourish and promote healthy hair while balancing the shine of hair color.

Mulberry Leaf Extract: Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and polyphenols, Mulberry Leaf Extract helps restore hair’s natural shine and depth of color.

What Makes The GFOUK™ Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Bran Oil Soap Be The GREAT CHOICE?

 Made with natural ingredients, gentle and effective

 Restores hair’s shiny black color

 Deeply cleanses hair and scalp of dirt and bacteria

 Improves the root cause of scalp problems such as excess sebum, stress, scalp inflammation and dust/bacteria accumulation

 Promote healthy hair growth and restore the luster of hair color

 Addresses symptoms of scalp itching, discomfort and hair loss, providing comprehensive care to restore original hair color

 Easy to apply, non-greasy

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