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ScarFade™ UV Phototherapy Scar Removal Pen

ScarFade™ UV Phototherapy Scar Removal Pen

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ScarFade™ UV Phototherapy Scar Removal Pen

Experience maximum scar healing power with the ScarFade™ UV Phototherapy Scar Removal Pen! Our non-invasive scar removal pen adopts UV phototherapy to get rid of old and new scars without hurting your skin.

What is UV Phototherapy?

UV Phototherapy is a medical treatment involving the controlled administration of ultraviolet light to manage various skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, and scars. This procedure offers several benefits, including alleviating skin itchiness and inflammation, mitigating dermatitis and eczema flare-ups, and diminishing the visibility of scars of diverse types.

The mechanism behind UV Phototherapy entails exposing the affected skin to UVB light. As this ultraviolet light penetrates the skin, it orchestrates an immune response regulation in conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Consequently, it curbs inflammation and the rapid proliferation of skin cells often associated with these ailments.

How does UV Phototherapy work?

ScarFade™ UV Phototherapy Scar Removal Pen

In the context of scar treatment, UV Phototherapy operates by modulating collagen production and accelerating the wound healing process. This dual action leads to a reduction in the redness and thickness of scars, contributing to an improved overall appearance. The controlled use of UV light fosters the reshaping of collagen arrangements, facilitating the scar’s integration with the surrounding skin. The result is a scar that is smoother, less conspicuous, and more harmonious with the natural skin texture.

UV Phototherapy has emerged as a trusted approach in dermatology, harnessing the power of light to address a range of skin concerns, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for individuals dealing with these conditions.

Why ScarFade™ UV Phototherapy Scar Removal Pen?

ScarFade™ UV Phototherapy Scar Removal Pen

The ScarFade™ UV Phototherapy Scar Removal Pen features a safe and innovative technology that diminishes new and old scars, from stretch marks, burns, and minor cuts and bruises to keloid, hypertrophic, and other surgical scars.

Our product uses 42-degree constant temperature physiotherapy for total scar reduction. As you place the UV light scar pencil on the affected area, the safe and controlled UV light prevents excessive collagen proliferation that makes up a scar.

This tiny battery-powered device starts by keeping the wound or scarred area moist. By optimizing skin hydration, our  ScarFade™ UV Phototherapy Scar Removal Pen softens, renews, and repairs the affected area and reduces redness and discomfort, creating an ideal healing environment.

Then, the ultraviolet scar lightening pen starts to form a pressure film to cover the scar surface and keep it flat, reshaping collagen arrangement of damaged skin and fading the appearance of scars over time.

Signature Product Benefits:

ScarFade™ UV Phototherapy Scar Removal Pen

  • Adopts a 42-degree constant temperature physiotherapy that is safe to use on all kinds of scars
  • Built with stainless steel probe, LED indicator, and switch buttons for easy, hassle-free usage
  • Comes with convenient battery compartment for low energy consumption
  • Optimizes skin hydration to speed up the wound healing and scar lightening process
  • Regulates excessive collagen proliferation to prevent the formation of scars
  • Forms pressure film to flatten and cover scar surface
  • Reshapes collagen arrangement of damaged skin
  • Reduces redness and discomfort
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